Bamboo Blu

Category: Sweet Temptations

Sweet Potato Donuts

Decadent Sweet Potato Pudding filled Donuts and fried golden brown topped with smooth caramel and toasted walnuts

Banana Sushi

Ripe Banana Pan Seared, glazed with Triple Berry Sauce Then Coated in Caramelized Walnuts, Graham Cracker Crust and Tempered Dark Chocolate

Homemade Mocha Cheese Cakee

Award Winning Cheesecake Recipe, Oreo Cookie Crust and a Hit of Bailey’s Cream Set on Bourbon, Tia Maria Coffee Sauce

Coco Mania

Coconut Ice Cream sprinkled on top Topped with coconut shavings and Topped with Coconut Bites

Lime Cay Pie

Freshly Squeezed Lime Juice Mixed with Condensed Milk & Egg Yolk Baked Perfectly in a Traditional Pie Crust

Fried Cheese Cake

Flour Tortillas Filled with Cheese Cake Batter, Graham Cracker Crust and Nutella Spread Then Fried to a Golden Finish Sprinkled with Sinnamon Sugar and Served warm